Our Value Proposition


1. Financial Planning

(>50 basis points) is taking a deep dive into what you want to accomplish. Do you use Google Maps? Do you remember AAA Triptik? I create a road map to your short term goals, income needs, estate & legacy. Like a great coach makes you perform better, stay on course I will also remove emotions from investing so you can achieve your financial objectives.

2. Asset Allocation

(28 basis points) is finding the correct mix of cash, bonds & stocks which is achieved by having an exact understanding of your risk. This is accomplished by asking a few questions, explaining market pullbacks & finding what type of portfolio will allow you to sleep at night. We do our best to take the surprises out of investing.

3. Investment Selection

(82-85 basis points) I primarily use ETF’s, stocks & bonds which are passive investments and I actively manage to your specific objectives. Not all investmestments are appropriate for each client. I use the Investor's Business Daily for market research. My decisions are based on the economy & the political landscape.

4. Systematic Rebalancing

(44 basis points) is keeping your mix of equities, fixed income and cash in their correct allocations. This will be completed annually. The process can increase returns by not over exposing or under exposing your portfolio to any specific asset category which will give you greater control of your risk.

5. Tax Management

(100 basis points)* is off setting realized capital gains with tax-losses. This will also be completed annually. If you want to pay more that’s your business, if you want to pay less that’s my business.

*The Essential Advisor by Crager & Humel