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"I have known Sam Curmaci several years now. I moved from PA, where I met up with Sam, to CO. You could say that I took him with me. He had initially guided me on what to do and how to invest some money. I’m not a player in the game of stocks, so I wanted something “safe”. He knew just what to do. Occasionally I dip into my funds, and when I give Sam the word, he is pronto, pronto about depositing money into my bank account. I find Sam to be very knowledgeable and extremely efficient. I feel safe with Sam at the helm of my ship.

When we had our taxes prepared last, our tax man stated that we had a good looking portfolio and that we did not take a dive like the majority of his clients. So this is a man who understands diversification, no more words need to be said."

~ Nora F – Retired in Colorado

"I have worked with Sam for about fifteen years. He has been responsive and attentive to my needs, and he has been proactive in handling my account. My experience has been that he is not only professional, but also, importantly, approachable. He has gone out of his way for me many times during the relationship."

~ Estate Planning Attorney

"We met Sam through my Husband’s family business about five years however he has been known to the family for about fifteen years. We have entrusted Sam with planning our financial future, he has been more than accommodating with meetings and after hour phone calls. He has helped us better understand the process since we are both not familiar with the investment world. We have no reservations that Sam has guided us through smart investments and most important securing our financial future."

~ Megan C, PA-C

"I have known Sam Curmaci for 15 years and during those 15 years we have become friends. We met when we were occupants in the same office building in Clarks Summit PA. I am not a huge investor. When I approached Sam with my meager investment he was remarkable. He gave me advice, options and recommendations. My portfolio survived bad market years and has remained with him since and has been doing extremely well. I received the same courtesy and professional attention as a huge investor. I felt like I was his only client. I now live in Bear Delaware. When my husband retired he moved his substantial retirement fund to Sam‘s competent hands mainly because of the confidence I have in Sam. To date we both receive quarterly reports and phone calls with any changes or recommendations. In fifteen years I have received fifteen birthday cards. Very recently I just placed small amounts in funds for seven grandchildren. And again Sam gave me the same professional courtesy, explaining plans and recommendations. He just makes it so easy. I strongly endorse Sam not only because of his knowledge, abilities but also because of his personal attention. I am glad I had chosen Sam."

~ D.L.B. – Retired Accountant in Delaware

"Sam has always given excellent financial advice and helped my wife and I navigate through challenging economic times to reach our financial goals. Sam is always easy to reach and generous with his time."

~ Dom F – Pharmaceutical Sales Professional

"I was first introduced to S.A.C investments in September 2010. My present employer was and still is, using them for the company’s 401(k).

When I first met Sam I could tell he was a “hands on” investment advisor, very likable, down to earth type of person. Our company has had nothing but success with S.A.C investments, and that is why I have trusted all of my personal retirement funds with Sam. When Sam and talk I always tease him by saying “show me the money” and he has……"

~ Rick J – CFO in Pennsylvania

"I met Sam in 1997 and he has taken care of my investments ever since. I can say I’m very happy with the performance and his service. I would not be able to manage my accounts on my own. Sam works together with my CPA and handles any tax issues which may arise. He always makes time for me and treats me like I am his only client. Because of that, I referred my recently retired daughter and her family to Sam so he can manage their investments too."

~ L. White – Retired

"My husband and I have been doing our financial planning with Sam for about a decade. Sam has been guiding us through different decision making on our investments. He has been committed to helping us make good choices for our portfolios. We’re very happy having Sam be our financial advisor. We could never do our investments on our own. We would definitely recommend Sam to anyone needing help with their financial planning."

~ Joyce P. (L. White’s daughter) – The Villages

"I decided to work with Sam for my investments because of family. My family, starting with my grandmother, has worked with Sam for years and his trust and experience was an easy choice for me when I decided to get started with investing for my future. He has always been helpful and knowledgeable in explaining all my options along with providing a personalized plan. Another thing I like is that he is always available for a quick question and has been extremely easy to work with over the years. He has always given me suggestions for the best returns with my money and my interests.

I would recommend Sam to anyone who is looking for a personal experience with someone they can trust to have their best interests in mind. A person that wants their financial adviser to be up to date with current markets and trends. Someone who is looking to invest for their future."

~ Anthony P (L. White’s grandson & son of Joyce P) – Engineer in Virginia

"I have used SAC Investment’s service for the past two years. At that time I had two sources of retirement savings, a 457B from my current job, and a 401K from a former employer. I was unsure of how to meet my goals when managing the 401K.

Sam Curmaci’s expertise in his field helped me find the results I was looking for much faster. Finance and investing are complicated subjects that I didn’t know a whole lot about before I started working with Sam.

SAC Investment’s has a 24/7 website which is great and easy to use.

Give retirement planning the time it deserves, be open and realistic with your goals and trust that Sam will keep you on the right track.

I highly recommend SAC Investment’s & Sam Curmaci to anyone who is interested in investing and growing their retirement savings."

~ Jim Mc – Fort Lauderdale Insurance Executive